Proven results

Depending on the objectives to be achieved, a course of 5 to 15 treatments is generally recommended, at a rate of two treatments per week. In most cases, results are observed from the 6th treatment onwards and are maintained during the months following the end of the course of treatment. The adoption of healthy lifestyle habits as well as regular maintenance of a few sessions (according to pre-established objectives) are recommended to maintain the results.

Following a course of Electone treatements, there is a general improvement in:
– Muscle tone
– Definition of the silhouette
– Slimming of the silhouette


Electone Treatment & Tecnology

Electone is a treatment that uses a brand-new generation of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology. Conductive pads are placed on specific areas of the body and send deep pulses to the muscles. These stimulations cause contractions that simulate natural muscle movements. The device allows the speed and strength of the stimulation to be varied every minute and follows a specific program, depending on the pre-set objectives.

Areas treatable by Electone


Electone treatment can be used on most muscles in the body such as the abdominal, inner thighs, gluteal muscles, and more. Depending on the mode chosen, Electone will work to de-congest the tissue, tone and shape or give more definition to the targeted muscles. Depending on the goals set, a course of 5 to 15 treatments is usually required, ideally two treatments per week. A session lasts only 30 (per treated area) minutes and does not cause excessive sweating, which means you can resume your activities immediately.


Depending on the objectives, Electone can be programmed in 3 distinct treatment modes:

  1. DRAIN: Helps to reduce tissue congestion and water retention. This mode is often used during the first treatment(s), usually in the abdominal area. Many patients notice a pleasant feeling of lightness after the first session.
  2. TONE: To tone the muscles and firm the skin. This mode allows you to obtain the results of several hours of training in a single session by creating the necessary reaction in the muscle to obtain a lifting or bulging effect. It is used, for example, to tone the stomach, to obtain a lifting effect on the buttocks or to shape the biceps or triceps.
  3. SCULPT: This is the ideal mode when the objective is to define certain muscles or to gain muscle volume. It is used, for example, to define the muscles of the abdominal area, the quadriceps and the pectorals to achieve that definition that is so difficult to achieve with traditional training.